Atmospheric post-punk band from Timisoara, Romania. Their music creates a deep, dark and moody atmosphere of somber romanticism that often feels like soundtracks to imaginary movies, crafting dense songs layered with literary lyrics, intertwining melodies, baritone vocals and gently melancholy orchestrations.

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Arc Gotic live in Pixel
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Arc Gotic live at Manufactura, Timisoara




The band was founded in 1992 by Florin "Relu" Turta on vocals, Mihai Surdea on bass, Oliver Werth on keyboards and Ciprian Costache on guitar. The debut album is entitled "Catehism" was released in 1994 with the lyrics in Romanian having a rather Dadaist note, using collages and symbols and have a Bacovian atmosphere and featuring chorus drenched guitars and lots of delay on vocals.

In 1998, the band released their second album, "Decadent" on the local independent label Htonian Records with Ciprian Costache taking over vocal duties and Florin Turta on drums. The addition of new members, including Ciprian Bun on bass and Florin Ban on violin, brought new dimensions to the sound.

The third studio album, Pavilion Marilla was released in 2008, and has longer compositional structures and more intricate arrangements with Vlad Sturdza joining the band on keyboards and arrangements and guest drummer Dan Mitrofan, who had previously played live shows with the band.

Since 2021 Florin Turta is no longer active in the band but continues to be involved in promoting it.

Today, the band features a lineup that includes Ciprian Costache on guitar and vocals, Ciprian Bun on bass, Vlad Sturdza on keyboards, Florin Ban on violin and Horatiu Oana on drums.